Monday, February 2, 2009

Overtime Day

Although I never complain when the overtime cheque gets deposited... I usually always find a reason to complain about Daddy working an extra shift and therefore depriving me of a "day off".

Well we want the new iLife upgrade (the cool one with facial recognition software) and have big reno bills coming, so off to work Daddy went. 

The day had a bit of a rocky start, R refusing to go to school, L not napping and I may have muttered under my breath "this was a bad day for Daddy to go to work".  

But all in all we had fun, took a few pictures, played with 
"Boulder" and the trains.  L got into trouble and 
looked cute doing it.
R read Where is Waldo for the 
millionth time, and we had waffles for dinner.   

Then when Daddy came home, I got a quick trip to the scrapbook store in to take advantage of the last day of their sale!

All in all, no complaints, thank you very much!


  1. which scrapbook store did you visit???

  2. clipper street! It was 40% off patterned paper, and I needed 3 sheets of boy paper for project for the boys room. Of course i bought a little extra too...