Saturday, April 30, 2011

All Dressed up...

On a freezing day last week, my sweet sick princess decided to venture outside. She hung out on the deck and had a snack as if it was summer. Oh, and she was wearing a hat and boots that are to be hand-me-downs and her fairy costume from Gram. She's a keeper.
Dolly had a pink tutu on on too. I forgot.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Pop Bottle Science

K got a little kit called Pop Bottle Science for Christmas (thanks Auntie and Uncle!) and we just broke it out a few weeks ago. He loves it. In fact we did the same exact experiment with Mom and Dad on 2 different days, that's how fun it was. There are many more experiments in the book- looking forward to trying out another one!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Recap

Ok, here we go. I will let these pictures speak for themselves.

There ya go. We dressed up, we ate chocolate, we got a terrible cold.
We spent the weekend celebrating Easter and L's birthday!
Hope you had fun too!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Birthday Party fun

For lack of a better idea it was a flower birthday party. We had a few cupcake and princess details thrown in too.

The favorite presents included a pink vacuum, a dolly, a great bike, a Dora umbrella and some dress up things and much more.
Flower basket cake by Uncle GSpring flowers and a cakepop garden
And a few mini cupcake cakebites. They turned out very cute and were pretty easy, I might try that again.
And a few decorations

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Birthday dear L...

We have a big 3 year old today! Yep, it's been 3 years since this little fairy was born.
Party details to follow, but there might be decorations:

Flower cakepops:

And mini cupcake cakebites:

And there is sure to be lots of fun as we celebrate our sweetheart!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

When the Momma is away...

I spent last week in a hotel at a work conference*. My wonderful hubby took vacation for the week to run the show back home**. The first day I was away, yes the first of 6, I got an email with this in it:
Her explanation was "I want to be a soldier" I don't even know what that means. Or how she even would come up with that phrase. (brothers) But I do know R read us a Robert Munsch book the week before I left called Purple, Green and Yellow. It was about a girl who colours all over herself with super-indelible-never-come-off-till-you're-dead-or-maybe-even-later markers. Hmmm. Thanks a lot Mr. Munch.
But still she is so cute, who could resist that face?

*I was expecting the break from mothering to be better than it was. I was ready for the cuddles and stories after about 2.5 days. The upside is that I am still glad to be back being their mother, that effect has yet to wear off. It's nice to feel renewed in your everyday life sometimes.
**Despite the above incident the kids were fine with Daddy and I really didn't worry about them at all.