Thursday, March 19, 2009

I knew it was TOO quiet... (aka time to put baby locks on the pantry)

We were all in the kitchen, I was reading, they were out of view behind the pantry door.
Wow, they are playing so nicely together, that's great.
Ok, why did they suddenly go silent?
Ahh, hot chocolate powder, a nice pre-lunch snack.

At least he was sharing....

I guess this calls for a post-lunch bath.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hanging out in the sun

We have loved the sun this week. Well, I have. The kids are sick-ish and have not tolerated the cold at all. So, we have watched the sun from inside the house or car. We went for a walk Tuesday, but I consider it a failed attempt at getting out, since everyone cried on and off all the way to the park. Then at the park they all cried so we left and came straight home. It was an hour of fresh air, but it was not relaxing. But yesterday afternoon I convinced them to try going out again. It was so lovely. But cold.
This little one toddled down the driveway making me laugh. The guy delivering the paper laughed out loud when he saw her too, and some people walking their dog ohhed and ahhed, presumably at her cuteness. I got a video, it's hilarious.
Next some group shots....

So that is it, we rode bikes around the driveway, we played with sticks, we let the sun soak in to us a bit. It did me good.
Oh, and I decided K needs a better bike. Maybe he will inherit R's when June rolls around...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Random Happenings

This used to be 3 lovely hooks on the bathroom wall for the kids towels.  Mr. R thought it would make a good jungle gym.  Notsomuch.  Now they are mounted on a board that is screwed into the studs.  In four places.  Try to break that, monkey!  Ok, stop! I was only kidding!  Don't really try!
Lest you think that R is the only one up to trouble around here... this is K with a garbage can lid on his head.  When I first saw it I ripped it off his head and said "No thank you".  But Daddy stopped me and made me put it back and snap some pictures.  That is why he looks so pleased, it is in response to Daddy's laughs.  Also, this one broke the 'child safe' doorstop  in his room in half.  Apparently he can't have a quiet time in his room by himself.
This is the lovely rain hat I bought L.  I got pirate themed ones for the boys.  They are made of waterproof material, lined with bamboo (I  am so trendy, you know me).  They were half price at the family fair, plus no tax or shipping, so I bought one for everyone.  Shawna, just so you know, they also have green with brown dots, look at raindrops baby gear.  And here is my lovey, pushing a stool, pretending to walk.  She stands pretty well now, so proud of her.  She is getting teeth, so I am not so proud of her at night, but oh well.
 That's the update.  Have a great day everyone.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Visit with Papa

Enjoying the sun at Czorny Centre with Papa.

Ok, I know this isn't a great picture of my mom, but it is the only one I took that day.

And this is K and R running around the garden. They didn't stay still long enough for a shot of their faces.

Muffin Tin lunch

Saw this on line at Sycamore Stirrings. Muffin Tin Mondays. A very creative way to present a meal. Since I am not creative with food, I copied it. There was a lot of carbs at breakfast/snack so this is a lot of produce (and cheese). The kids eat way more when I serve it this way.

Monday, March 2, 2009


She is 10 months old, and still cute as a button.  Trying to keep up to the boys, crawling like lightning, and cruising.  Still loves cuddles and is scared of several different men in our lives.  She is the current hit of the care home where my Dad is, and makes all the residents smile every time we go.  She gets dragged around a lot, and seems to like it.
This picture was taken by R, pretty nice shot I think.

She loves to wave, and clap and sometimes signs more and all done.

We are enjoying the hand me downs from Shawna so much!  She has a fabulous wardrobe!

She has 2 teeth now, that cute bottom one and a top tooth, but not the middle, it's one over from the middle (I guess I could look up what it's called, but you know what I mean, right?).

Love this shot, by K (or R, I can't remember now).  And the one one below, too!

She stood on her own February 26th, and only once again since then.  But the first time lasted for at least 5 seconds, then she sat down and laughed at me (I might have been a bit excited).
So that is what she is like right now!

Update: K

K has been up to trouble, I mean he has been singing, playing outside, carrying a drumstick in his belt loops and playing with his big brother.  Sometimes he uses the potty, but it is too much of a commitment for him to do it all the time, he has things to do, you know.  Most recently he has been pretending to be a baby, I guess being the middle child is starting to sink in....
Playing in L's crib, by himself, with her paci.

  I am sure this kid will do well at whatever he chooses because he is a charmer.  He is SO cute. You noticed how there are only pics of him, posing?  Ya.  If you pull out the camera, he drops whatever he is doing to pose!

Update: R

These first 3 pictures were taken by R, can you tell what is important to him?
Computer time

It's snowing!
Lego shelf in his room

The next few pics are a trip to Science world that he took with his Dad and our neighbour/classmate/friend A.  People at preschool and Daycare always say they look like brothers, what do you think?

Here R is with Daddy building his lego coast guard ship that he got for Christmas.  Yes I know, a bit late, but it took them a few hours to put together. K was at Grammie's house and Daddy was off, that is the only way to get anything done around here!  
Here he is with the final product, I really love the trying too  hard smile, so sweet.
So that's it, he has been great with his baby sister, working independently on the computer, going to school, and all that sort of stuff.  Oh and his legs seem really long now, how did that happen?