Sunday, March 8, 2009

Random Happenings

This used to be 3 lovely hooks on the bathroom wall for the kids towels.  Mr. R thought it would make a good jungle gym.  Notsomuch.  Now they are mounted on a board that is screwed into the studs.  In four places.  Try to break that, monkey!  Ok, stop! I was only kidding!  Don't really try!
Lest you think that R is the only one up to trouble around here... this is K with a garbage can lid on his head.  When I first saw it I ripped it off his head and said "No thank you".  But Daddy stopped me and made me put it back and snap some pictures.  That is why he looks so pleased, it is in response to Daddy's laughs.  Also, this one broke the 'child safe' doorstop  in his room in half.  Apparently he can't have a quiet time in his room by himself.
This is the lovely rain hat I bought L.  I got pirate themed ones for the boys.  They are made of waterproof material, lined with bamboo (I  am so trendy, you know me).  They were half price at the family fair, plus no tax or shipping, so I bought one for everyone.  Shawna, just so you know, they also have green with brown dots, look at raindrops baby gear.  And here is my lovey, pushing a stool, pretending to walk.  She stands pretty well now, so proud of her.  She is getting teeth, so I am not so proud of her at night, but oh well.
 That's the update.  Have a great day everyone.

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  1. Little monkeys...haven't you always wanted a monkey. Tee super sweet. I have some antics at my house too. but of the teenage nature and I don't want to post those details...have a great one...more snow...