Monday, March 2, 2009

Update: R

These first 3 pictures were taken by R, can you tell what is important to him?
Computer time

It's snowing!
Lego shelf in his room

The next few pics are a trip to Science world that he took with his Dad and our neighbour/classmate/friend A.  People at preschool and Daycare always say they look like brothers, what do you think?

Here R is with Daddy building his lego coast guard ship that he got for Christmas.  Yes I know, a bit late, but it took them a few hours to put together. K was at Grammie's house and Daddy was off, that is the only way to get anything done around here!  
Here he is with the final product, I really love the trying too  hard smile, so sweet.
So that's it, he has been great with his baby sister, working independently on the computer, going to school, and all that sort of stuff.  Oh and his legs seem really long now, how did that happen?

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