Monday, March 2, 2009

Update: K

K has been up to trouble, I mean he has been singing, playing outside, carrying a drumstick in his belt loops and playing with his big brother.  Sometimes he uses the potty, but it is too much of a commitment for him to do it all the time, he has things to do, you know.  Most recently he has been pretending to be a baby, I guess being the middle child is starting to sink in....
Playing in L's crib, by himself, with her paci.

  I am sure this kid will do well at whatever he chooses because he is a charmer.  He is SO cute. You noticed how there are only pics of him, posing?  Ya.  If you pull out the camera, he drops whatever he is doing to pose!


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  2. What a cutie! He sure looks a lot like R in the last photo I think!