Tuesday, October 30, 2012

3 little pumpkins...

Here are the pumpkins, showing off the results of their creativity.

 This is a major step for K.  Despite his attraction to many (many) gross things he has always hated pumpkin guts.  He wouldn't even come in the kitchen last year.  This year he helped but only with a spoon, never his hands.

 Enthusiastic pumpkin carving.

 Pretty pumpkin carving.
We must always have accessories.

 Mummy cleans, Daddy carves.  That's always the way it has been.
 I just love how these two are both so serious. 

Here are the results!

Monday, October 22, 2012

pumpkin time again

Same local Pumpkin Patch.  Same dreary weather.  Kids looking very grown up.  Enjoy.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Look out school, here we come!

This is from the first day, all thirty minutes of it.  I will hopefully get caught up a bit and post summer highlights this week.  And of course pictures of them with their actual backpacks going for a full day.  The boys start fully on Wednesday and L starts preschool on Friday.  That's it, no more sleeping in 'til Christmas break.

Friday, July 13, 2012


We have been doing things around here, but I am kind of in slow motion.  

I am processing the loss for now but hope to come back and 
post about how we are enjoying the summer.


Thursday, June 14, 2012


When he plays piano it sounds like music, even though he's never had a lesson.  When he claps his hands to the music he keeps time so well, even back when he was very little.
Now, he has discovered the guitar.  He loves it, and it sounds kinda nice too.

Anyone know a good music teacher?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

She Dresses Herself

Daddy- L don't you think that dress is a little short?
Me- It used to be a dress and now it's more of a top.
L- Well, if you like I can go put on leg warmers...

If this is the conversation when she's four... oh boy.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Tintin party for R

 I can hardly believe this little man is 8!  We always do theme birthdays at home but this year I thought he might be too big for that idea.  He did talk about going bowling for his party but in the end, he decided on Tintin for a theme.  A few more people know of Tintin since the movie came out but we have some old comics that his dad, uncles and grandad read.  Since an 8 year old boy likes adventure, physical comedy( falling down stairs and the like), and comics in general this Tintin stuff is perfect for him.  As with every party at our house, the kids really wanted to dress up, and I spent the last few weeks reading everything I could about Tintin.  Here R is above in his blue shirt, spiky hair and little snowy dog.

L was the Milanese Nightingale, one of the only female characters, an opera singer.
 K was a good fit for the lively Captain Haddock.  'Blistering barnacles!'
The grown ups had to fill in for professor Calculus 
and the bumbling detectives Thompson and Thomson.
 3D cube crafts
Really you can find anything on the internet that you want.  
Too bad these were too complex for little boy hands so we just made a few for decoration.
 Three unicorns sailing in the noon day sun will speak...
our three white spot pirate ships had scrolls hidden inside just like in the movie.

As always, the coolest cake made to order by Uncle G!
 Our vintage comic book collection as decorations.
 Goodie bags made of newspaper (Tintin is a newspaper reporter after all) and decorated
 with little circle characters I created from an idea I saw on pinterest.

We started with a craft.  Did you know shrinky dink was back?
 The main part of the party was a series of challenges starting
 with clues in envelopes (amazing race style).
 disguise time
 nerf guns and 'crab tins'
 marshmallow toothpick inventions

It all ended with finding the treasure- a pinata!

The challenges were crazy and fun and the whole day went pretty well!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Just the Girlies

L and Mummy have had some time together lately.  The boys went to Tough Guys camping overnight, the annual preschool Mother's Day Tea happened and I haven't been working that much.  All that  makes for lots of fun girl time.

Trying on hats at the store
Matching shoes for the Mother's Day Tea
Enjoying goodies at the Tea
Dressed up as a 'barbie' for the show
Trying on my wedding dress (it's also her great grandmother's dress)
Helping me vacuum. I pulled out the dustbuster and she went and got hers.  Too sweet.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Lots has happened around here and I feel like I am spinning in circles try to get caught up.  A little Instagram goodness will show some of the highlights.

Both boys lost a tooth on the same day.  It was the first one for K and the 4th one for R!
Hilariously, K couldn't wait to leave his tooth for the tooth fairy (but still keep the tooth) but R wants to store them up for when he is older and "can use the money."  OK buddy, whatever you say!
The kids all got haircuts.  L rarely gets hers cut and is sometimes intimidated by the whole idea.  This time she decided to go for it and giggled the whole time.  She was so excited to be big like the boys.

Haircuts come with suckers.  Of course!
There was a LEGO store grand opening that we had to go to.  
They built a giant R2-D2 and we helped!

We brought some friends... and 2 others that we didn't manage to get pictures of.
That is a little bit of what we have been doing around here.