Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I had so much fun with that other post comparing the kiddies that I decided to try again. Also spurred on by a comment my m-i-l made that R's pictures from our cruise when he was 11 months old look a lot like L today.
So here you go...


Thursday, September 17, 2009

baby L is growing up

This one is going to be a Chatty Cathy. She says hi, bye, up, hot, dada and now... bum. She signs more, all done, please, bye bye. She nods and shakes her head. A lot. She knows how to use an expression and 'ahhhhh' to make herself understood.
Oh, and she thinks she can read. I am trying (like for the last week) to upload a video of that but apparently I don't know how to!
In the mean time, she said "Hi Mama" to me on Sunday when I came home from work.
You melt my heart baby girl.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sometimes she felt like she lived at the zoo

I have been trying to upload these pics for a while.
Why doesn't blogger like me?
Anyways. This is the highlight reel from our trip to the Zoo for the end of the year party for preschool/daycare. Kiddies had fun, rain held off 'til we left, R mastered the map, and my Mom and her friend came to help and see the kids enjoy themselves. Isn't the pic of K with a guitar kinda scary? Although I see him as more of a drummer than a lead guitarist, only time will tell.
By the way the title is from the book I'll love you forever.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

one year olds

So I don't really look like my sis. In fact people who know us both are often surprised to learn we are sisters. My hubby doesn't really look like his brothers either, although I think they are looking more similar as they get older. So I am really curious to see how my kids will develop. They aren't really carbon copies, but there are similar traits.... can you say BLUE eyes?

Here are some pics of my kids from all around the same age, just over one year old. They all have their own characteristics, but the resemblance is there....

Miss L finally getting some hair
funny face
being all girly
R when he was a little one
at the cabin
wearing uncle N's sweater from when he was one.
Now here is K and his cheeks
some curls (look familiar?)
and a little shot of him trying to be an angel.

So what do you think? The eyes are all the same, they look related. But L and R really do look close. Kinda fun, eh?