Thursday, September 10, 2009

one year olds

So I don't really look like my sis. In fact people who know us both are often surprised to learn we are sisters. My hubby doesn't really look like his brothers either, although I think they are looking more similar as they get older. So I am really curious to see how my kids will develop. They aren't really carbon copies, but there are similar traits.... can you say BLUE eyes?

Here are some pics of my kids from all around the same age, just over one year old. They all have their own characteristics, but the resemblance is there....

Miss L finally getting some hair
funny face
being all girly
R when he was a little one
at the cabin
wearing uncle N's sweater from when he was one.
Now here is K and his cheeks
some curls (look familiar?)
and a little shot of him trying to be an angel.

So what do you think? The eyes are all the same, they look related. But L and R really do look close. Kinda fun, eh?

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha, awesome post.
    R & L have similar facial shapes, and the exact same shade of hair colour, but L's curls are obviously shared with K.
    But in that first picture of K and the pic of R in my unhubby's sweater... They have a similar look too. Perhaps cuz K was so blonde in that shot.
    They all definitely have their mother's eyes. ;)