Friday, May 11, 2012

Just the Girlies

L and Mummy have had some time together lately.  The boys went to Tough Guys camping overnight, the annual preschool Mother's Day Tea happened and I haven't been working that much.  All that  makes for lots of fun girl time.

Trying on hats at the store
Matching shoes for the Mother's Day Tea
Enjoying goodies at the Tea
Dressed up as a 'barbie' for the show
Trying on my wedding dress (it's also her great grandmother's dress)
Helping me vacuum. I pulled out the dustbuster and she went and got hers.  Too sweet.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Lots has happened around here and I feel like I am spinning in circles try to get caught up.  A little Instagram goodness will show some of the highlights.

Both boys lost a tooth on the same day.  It was the first one for K and the 4th one for R!
Hilariously, K couldn't wait to leave his tooth for the tooth fairy (but still keep the tooth) but R wants to store them up for when he is older and "can use the money."  OK buddy, whatever you say!
The kids all got haircuts.  L rarely gets hers cut and is sometimes intimidated by the whole idea.  This time she decided to go for it and giggled the whole time.  She was so excited to be big like the boys.

Haircuts come with suckers.  Of course!
There was a LEGO store grand opening that we had to go to.  
They built a giant R2-D2 and we helped!

We brought some friends... and 2 others that we didn't manage to get pictures of.
That is a little bit of what we have been doing around here.