Thursday, May 14, 2009

Contents of my pockets

I just emptied out the pockets of my raincoat.  Relieving them of the burdens that they accumulated during the last 2 days.  Contents were as follows:

one Kleenex, unused but crumpled
one grocery list
one gummy frog toy
one green match box car

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mommas

Mother's day fun...

R's little friend and his Mummy (my friend)Grammie with R and A
R with Grammie and Nana
I should mention this is the preschool mother's day tea, and the kids were dressing up for a little fashion show. R is a king and A is a knight.

Me and my Mum
Me and my oldest sweetie
I received many lovely handmade treasures for Mother's day, and of course the gift of a weekend away!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

a princess indeed

Our princess turned one last week. I remember her popping out like it was yesterday, ahh, paramedics and firefighters, Daddy catching her, the whole bit. And what a joy she has been to us all year with her sweetness and affection. She gives great hugs, has 6 teeth, has been walking since Easter Monday, she loves to watch the boys, and likes to take the tupperware out of the cupboard. She loves to cuddle and thinks R's antics are hilarious. She likes to carry a purse though even my smallest purse is gigantic for her. She is so light we can't turn her carseat forward yet, and her socks don't have treads because she is still wearing 3-6 month socks!
These first few pics are her dedication at church.
Below are the details of her princess party. We played pin the fire on the dragon, and the kids decorated their crowns. They got bubble guns instead of goodie bags, which was a big hit since it was sunny. And we had hot dogs, potato salad and chips for lunch. All in all it was low key, and fun.
Our house as a castle
Fabulous cake by Uncle G
Auntie L, the photographer, gets some cake
Princess L
King K, King R wouldn't sit still!
Queen A