Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Lovey Mr.R

Not as flashy as the other two he doesn't seem to get as much blog attention. Not that there isn't much to say about his sweet little self.
concentrating on a comic he is writing just for fun

This week Mum and Dad were able to go with R to his 'student led interview'. He showed us around his classroom, samples of his work and how to play some pretty fun math games. A few observations on that night were that he really does great work, but doesn't always think so himself. His teacher obviously enjoys him and is proud of him. Gotta love that.

Also we could see the wheels turning as he figured out some very complex stuff - doing math problems in more than one way, reading all on his own. It was a really nice time, in fact we stayed 3 times as long as we were supposed to because we all were enjoying ourselves so much.

One other thing that must be mentioned is his coordination. This boy loves sports. Here he is enjoying soccer with his friends. He also has done well at the intro to Lacrosse they have been doing on Friday nights. Picked it up right away. When I see him play I know he will be an athlete, it just comes so natural to him.
So proud of my boy!

Monday, February 14, 2011

My funny valentines

Valentine's Day was low key around here.
Fun presents from Grammie, two sick kids and Mummy working the evening.
But we did have a heart shaped balloon. That's something!

For some reason Blogger didn't want me to post this and refused to load the picture for 3 days now. Bitter maybe?
I am back dating the post to the 14th so I can feel like I was on time:^)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Random Moments

My Grammie went to Hawaii and now I can hula dance!

My Daddy thinks this is how to clean me up after dinner....

I made this all by myself. Really!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More Ninja Party pics

OK, I am semi-recovered from the parties. So here are some snapshots of how it went down.

Everybody was kung fu fighting..... or maybe just dressed like a ninja.
In fact K, dad and grandad were all fully dressed as ninjas!
ninja colouring pages
ninja crafts
ninja presents
ninja dish master

ninja cake
ninja goodie bags containing ninja silly bands
ninja cake pops
ninja family party

All in all pretty fun party for a big 5 year old!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Super Ninja turns 5

This birthday is hard for me. The oldest being almost 7 is fine. The youngest being almost 3 is fine. But Koby turning 5, it's hard for me to take.

He is hilarious and joyful and emotional and creative. I love him so much. He is the easiest for me to be patient with. He is the hardest to get to accomplish anything. He plays the best on his own. He snuggles and tells jokes early in the morning. He is so comfortable visiting at the nursing home or making friends in the grocery checkout lineup. He has the best imagination of anyone I have ever met, or even heard of.

Here he is in his birthday costume. What? Doesn't everyone dress up for their birthday? Doesn't everyone plan their birthday theme around a costume? Well this one does.
Check out those poses and expressions. All his plan I tell you. Hilarious.