Friday, January 30, 2009

haven't you always wanted hot chocolate?

We took advantage of the sunny day last week (yes, that is meant to be singular!) to walk to the Starbucks near our place and have some kids hot chocolate. I seriously think our kids are going through withdrawal since our move to the house.
We used to live by a drive through Starbucks, and we did drive through.
A lot.
A lot, a lot.
They think Banana Loaf is a food group.

Since we have been here it is a decent walk to Starbucks, and Daddy does stop in every no and then, but the weather hasn't exactly been walk worthy. You know what I mean!
Here are the cuties enjoying their treats. The babe was sleeping in her stroller, so no pic of her this time, plus she is a bit young for hot chocolate, no?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

catching up

Here are a few shots of us, here there and everywhere in the last few months.

R and L playing in the living room last week.

A and L at a friend's build-a-bear birthday party!

K and Me at starbucks on a sunny day. It was a nice walk!

Lastly the whole family at Christmas!


We first played this game with A's grandparents. They used to play it all the time. We pronounce it Rummy-cube, but they say rummy- cub, which all us grandkids think is pretty cute. Well, we either bought or received our own game when we were first married and it has largely stayed in the cupboard. In fact the tiles are stored in a Cracker Barrel (american restaurant) bag from back in the day when we lived in NC.
Why on and on about this game? Well, recently R has become very fond of playing it when the little ones are having their naps in the afternoon. I often play with him, and help him with his tiles. But last week when Daddy was home, they played together and Daddy didn't help him. So now that is the standard. "Don't help me Mummy. Daddy doesn't help me when he plays with me."
Really I am amazed at this kid's brain. He is pretty darn good, and he is only 4. He makes runs and sets and "steals" the wild card smiley face to create new sets.
Oh and get this... he woke up this morning asking if we could play a game he invented. I say 2 numbers and he tells me what they "plus" (add up to). He was doing great and he thought it was so fun. Definately a systematic brain in that cute little head.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Raising truly great kids

So we went to a parenting conference Saturday. Lured by the free babysitting offered by the Grandparents and the thought of getting a "game plan" for handling the monumental task of parenting.
Wow, it was fun. I liked it. I learned some stuff, it touched a lot of topics I would like to read further on, sparked a lot of ideas, oh and it featured a comedian (who has 3 boys) that made me laugh so hard I cried. Fun.
Here is the best part: A liked it too. So much that he bought not 1 but 3 books. Can't wait to read and discuss and change our habits together!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I used to sit down sometimes...

Yep. It happened.

I was talking to R, and I turned back to the ottoman. There she was, standing. My baby.
Some people have been saying she is close (Nana), but I was quite sure she wasn't. She can crawl well, she can go from crawling to sitting with ease. And she is such a peanut, people often think she is much younger than her actual age.

I don't feel any of the sadness you hear about "oh my last baby is growing up". I am pretty excited for her accomplishments, and her developing personality. I will always have little babies at work too, so in a way I will stay in that stage forever.

So soon she will be trying to cruise, then walk, then I will be running all the time. Currently, I run 90% of the time, but that is over now for a few years....

Here is the second attempt caught on film.
One foot.
And..... Up!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Why I want to be like my Grandma

We just got back from a brief trip to the Island with all the monkeys in tow. It was a trip for a funeral, not the happiest of reasons, I know. But remembering my Grandma and how great she was has really inspired me as a momma. She would throw elaborate and creative parties for her kids birthdays, she was very patient and optimistic. She was always entertaining, even though things were never perfect, just warm and friendly. And she shared with me that she prayed for her kids and Grandkids everyday. 

An example in so many areas. She always said 'you only have as much fun as you decide you are going to have'.... so today the kids and I are having fun.
 I have decided.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

the monkeys

Yes, it's from song lyrics again. I know, I know. This time it's "If I had a million dollars" by the Barenaked Ladies. I'd buy you a monkey, haven't you always wanted a monkey? What it really makes me think of is driving in my black civic near Research Triangle Park in North Carolina with my husband. No kids, no CD player (back in the day before MP3's, gasp), we listened to the same mix tape over and over. Every time we heard this song he would say "Yes, I have always wanted a monkey!", or sometimes "well really, who doesn't want a monkey". Not to mention his Grandpa always says "bring me back a monkey" when we go on vacation. Not really sure why, he is funny like that.
Now we have 3 kids, and we call them monkeys often. More specifically, two monkeys and a princess. R is the oldest, he is a thinker, very interested in how and why. At 4 and a half we think he is an absolute puzzle genius. K is the middle and he is a character at almost 3 years old. Charming and sweet but full of trouble. He is pretty sharp too, but he often uses this power for something other than good! He has an uncanny ability to remember everyone, very personable. And last we got a sweet baby girl L. Well her name really starts with an H but her nickname starts with L. She is 8 months at present so all I can say is she is a bit touchy (like R), a bit social (like K) and a bit clingy to mom (a new thing for us as a family). But she is cute and really that is her job right now.
Daddy is A and he works 4 on 4 off, straight days right now. Really it is about as perfect of a schedule as I could possible hope for. He is doing a lot of renos in his free time of late, but when he actually has time for himself, he does enjoy adventure sports most recently, kayaking and mountain biking.
I am a nurse, on mat leave. I like crafting, mostly scrapbooking, but some stamping, some sewing and quilting. I like to hike and be outside.
There you go, that is the fam, stories to follow.