Friday, January 30, 2009

haven't you always wanted hot chocolate?

We took advantage of the sunny day last week (yes, that is meant to be singular!) to walk to the Starbucks near our place and have some kids hot chocolate. I seriously think our kids are going through withdrawal since our move to the house.
We used to live by a drive through Starbucks, and we did drive through.
A lot.
A lot, a lot.
They think Banana Loaf is a food group.

Since we have been here it is a decent walk to Starbucks, and Daddy does stop in every no and then, but the weather hasn't exactly been walk worthy. You know what I mean!
Here are the cuties enjoying their treats. The babe was sleeping in her stroller, so no pic of her this time, plus she is a bit young for hot chocolate, no?

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