Thursday, January 29, 2009


We first played this game with A's grandparents. They used to play it all the time. We pronounce it Rummy-cube, but they say rummy- cub, which all us grandkids think is pretty cute. Well, we either bought or received our own game when we were first married and it has largely stayed in the cupboard. In fact the tiles are stored in a Cracker Barrel (american restaurant) bag from back in the day when we lived in NC.
Why on and on about this game? Well, recently R has become very fond of playing it when the little ones are having their naps in the afternoon. I often play with him, and help him with his tiles. But last week when Daddy was home, they played together and Daddy didn't help him. So now that is the standard. "Don't help me Mummy. Daddy doesn't help me when he plays with me."
Really I am amazed at this kid's brain. He is pretty darn good, and he is only 4. He makes runs and sets and "steals" the wild card smiley face to create new sets.
Oh and get this... he woke up this morning asking if we could play a game he invented. I say 2 numbers and he tells me what they "plus" (add up to). He was doing great and he thought it was so fun. Definately a systematic brain in that cute little head.


  1. oh so cute, we love that game!! He is a smart little guy.

  2. We have that game too. :-) Enjoy..when L gets bigger I'll introduce you to a game called Sleeping Queens. :-)