Monday, February 27, 2012

Random Cuteness

So much happens here all the time, it is hard to keep on top of recording it all. Recently I was putting a sick (read: cranky) little girl to bed and the boys were being suspiciously quiet in their room. If you know any little boys, you know that quiet doesn't usually equal good. So I dashed into their room to check and what did I see... R reading the Jesus Storybook Bible to K.
Cuddled up together in the top bunk reading by flashlight. Not having a LEGO fight, or wrestling or breaking things. Just reading together.
Another exciting moment was R losing his 3rd tooth. Teeth came in late for my babies, so they come out late too. He is the only one who has lost any teeth so it is a big deal around here. In fact he hasn't been ready to part with his tooth.
The tooth fairy got some time off and he is keeping his tooth in a ziplock bag. I know, yuck. But he just can't let it go, even for a dollar.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sweet randomness

Tonight, L takes a bite of applesauce from her spoon, then spits it back into the container.
I said, "L, why did you do that?"
"Parakeets spit up their food to feed their babies."
As far as I know, she has never seen a parakeet.
"What?" is all I could manage in reply to that.
"I saw it in Daddy's ebook. About animals."
At least she is well read, that's good.
Although, it did kind of remind me of the little kid in Jerry Maguire with spiky hair and glasses who always said things like "Do you know the human head weighs eight pounds?"
I'm not so sure that's good...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Geocaching Explained

It seems I have been explaining Geocaching to many of my friends lately. We recently discovered that geocaching is the perfect activity for our kids. As a family we enjoy walking or biking on the trails near our house, but kids have trouble walking just for the sake of a walk.
Geocaching gives them a goal, a reason to complete the walk. Outdoor time to keep the parents sane (and burn off kid energy) and treasure hunting to excite and motivate the kids! Great combo.

Basically, look up a cache online.
Put the coordinates in your GPS device, in this case an app on my iphone.
Hike around to the spot until you get close.
Follow the clues and find the cache.
Record your name and trade a goody from inside (take one, leave one).
Hike back home and record your find online.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

K turns 6, the Scientist Party

Let's ignore the fact that my chubby cheeked snuggly boy is SIX years old and get straight to the part where he had a great party. My man K got a construction helmet and safety goggles for Christmas and immediately said "Look Science goggles!". That was where the idea for the birthday was born. A few consultations with our Auntie and Uncle (who both have science degrees) and of course Pinterest research and we were off.
Some lab details to set the scene.
One of the main events was Oobleck. It's a non-newtonian fluid if you want to look it up on wikipedia. Basically corn starch and water mixed together acts sometimes like a solid and sometimes like a liquid and is very fun to play with.
I forgot the birthday boy doesn't do goopy things. He just watched.
We also did a group experiment- elephant toothpaste. It was a huge hit. We made LEGO robots, ate oobleck oreo pops and made our own ice cream in a bag- another change in state, liquid to solid.

LEGO Robots
Elephant toothpaste
Oobleck Oreo Pops

Goody bags
Of course we needed costumes! The boys lab coats are actually small white dress shirts and their goggles are from the dollar store. The adult lab coats were borrowed so parents and grandparents were also easily identifiable as scientists. The boys were very lively so we were more than thankful for the grandparent scientists' help!
Erlenmeyer Flask Cake from Auntie N and Uncle G
Happy Birthday buddy!