Friday, February 10, 2012

Geocaching Explained

It seems I have been explaining Geocaching to many of my friends lately. We recently discovered that geocaching is the perfect activity for our kids. As a family we enjoy walking or biking on the trails near our house, but kids have trouble walking just for the sake of a walk.
Geocaching gives them a goal, a reason to complete the walk. Outdoor time to keep the parents sane (and burn off kid energy) and treasure hunting to excite and motivate the kids! Great combo.

Basically, look up a cache online.
Put the coordinates in your GPS device, in this case an app on my iphone.
Hike around to the spot until you get close.
Follow the clues and find the cache.
Record your name and trade a goody from inside (take one, leave one).
Hike back home and record your find online.

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