Monday, February 27, 2012

Random Cuteness

So much happens here all the time, it is hard to keep on top of recording it all. Recently I was putting a sick (read: cranky) little girl to bed and the boys were being suspiciously quiet in their room. If you know any little boys, you know that quiet doesn't usually equal good. So I dashed into their room to check and what did I see... R reading the Jesus Storybook Bible to K.
Cuddled up together in the top bunk reading by flashlight. Not having a LEGO fight, or wrestling or breaking things. Just reading together.
Another exciting moment was R losing his 3rd tooth. Teeth came in late for my babies, so they come out late too. He is the only one who has lost any teeth so it is a big deal around here. In fact he hasn't been ready to part with his tooth.
The tooth fairy got some time off and he is keeping his tooth in a ziplock bag. I know, yuck. But he just can't let it go, even for a dollar.

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  1. Aw, LOVE the reading pics. Aren't those the moments when your Mommy heart just skips a beat!? Adorable kiddos!