Monday, January 19, 2009

Why I want to be like my Grandma

We just got back from a brief trip to the Island with all the monkeys in tow. It was a trip for a funeral, not the happiest of reasons, I know. But remembering my Grandma and how great she was has really inspired me as a momma. She would throw elaborate and creative parties for her kids birthdays, she was very patient and optimistic. She was always entertaining, even though things were never perfect, just warm and friendly. And she shared with me that she prayed for her kids and Grandkids everyday. 

An example in so many areas. She always said 'you only have as much fun as you decide you are going to have'.... so today the kids and I are having fun.
 I have decided.

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  1. Excellent advice that you only have as much fun as you decide to. I never met your grandmother but I'm sure she was a very inspirational lady!