Sunday, February 22, 2009

Morning Conversation

This morning I found myself sleeping next to a 3 year old wearing only a diaper.  I wonder what happened to the nice warm footy PJ's I put him in last night.... so I ask:
Mummy: K, what happened to your clothes?
K: I don't need clothes.  I am warm in your bed.

Ahh, I see.  Little Man you have it all figured out.


  1. awhhh I remember Clayton snuggling in. Miss it. Jayde still does, and this morning she had nothing on...she doens't always like to wear pjs. Shhhh don't tell anyone :-) And yes I've always wanted a monkey...did I tell you that that is one of my all time favortie songs and that I used to sing it to Clayton when he was a baby...:-) miss that too.

  2. OK that was a really good laugh! K are you too funny! I can't wait for the day that we live closer again for S & K. Oh the trouble the two of them would get into.