Wednesday, February 4, 2009

He's 3!

Today, officially, K turned 3! Yippee! He is so adorable, here are some of my favorite things about him RIGHT NOW:
He has a halo of curls, Daddy won't let me cut his hair at the moment and really it suits him!
He has the most lovely eyes, just like his Papa K.
He is obsessed with trains, but Thomas isn't nearly as important as James. It used to be Percy but now it's James. He often sleeps with James. He told everyone he was having a James party not a Thomas the Tank Engine party.
He has a flair for the dramatic. He often enters a room with a jump saying "Ta da, here I am!". He cries terribly when he gets bumped by his brother but always says "dats ok" even as he still has tears running down his cheeks.
He has his own ideas about everything, he will only follow his brothers leading if he wants to, and only for a time then he will make his own thing up and go a different way. This makes R crazy, haha.
He talks himself to sleep. Chats away at full volume, or sings to himself. Good thing R is a sound sleeper.
The only thing he wanted for his birthday was to go swimming as we went in a pool at the hotel a few weeks ago and he thought that was the best thing ever! So today we played trains, went to MickeyD's and went swimming at the new pool near us, he loved it! So easy to please.
His favorite gift was, hands down the Thomas and Friends "bolder set" as this used to be his favorite Thomas movie. He also liked his music set (particularly the drum sticks), his Thomas puzzle, his Thomas videos, his Hockey jersey, his Diego submarine, his Buzz Lightyear, his Diego poncho, his bike horn and his new shirt.
I am including some pics of his party and of the actual birthday. Cousin A is the one in the red dress! The baby didn't get much partying in (she had a nap, whistles and all), so she isn't pictured. And a lot nicer pics than mine were taken thanks to uncle G and Auntie L and their fancy digital SLR's. We seem to have a lot of family members with fancy cameras, now I just need to figure out how to get the pics from them!
For the James party we coloured pictures, had lunch (sandwiches, fruit and veggies), played ring toss into top hats, made fruitloop necklaces with whistles on them (I knew it was crazy, but this should have been the last thing we did then it wouldn't have been so bad!), made train shaped cookies with red sprinkles (James cookies), and had the fabulous cake made by G, then opened presents.
And now he is 3!


  1. What a sweet three year old. :-) Enjoy the special times. Thanks for posting and keeping us in the loop,. :-)

  2. Happy Birthday K!!!! I remember it like yesterday!!!