Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mii too!

Nana and Grandad have a Wii.  A and I discussed getting one this past Christmas, but decided the kids aren't quite big enough yet and there will be plenty of time to buy that sort of thing later.  Well, I still think they are a bit young, especially K and L, but it is really fun to play on that thing! Above L is engaging in non electronic past times, namely destroying the boys puzzles.
R favorite is boxing and baseball, and he is really good at bowling too!  He doesn't really know that any of these games exist in real life and laughs when we tell him that.  Here he is bowling a "home run", no honey it's a strike. Whatever.
K doesn't really have a clue what to do, and to top it off he is (likely) left handed so it is hard to help him even.
Here R is helping his little brother, too cute.
And here are the prize fighters in action.  The video of this is really hilarious!
Anyway, this is how we passed some time this week.  Cause we are cool like that.


  1. Love it...Our Wii is put away, teenager lost his privelages. So Wii is one of the first to go. Can't say I miss Guitar Hero World Tour. Miss my Clayton being so little and sweet and needing me. 15 going on 20 sigh...God doesn't give us more than we can handle right???

  2. you guys should rent the Diego game next time you go to G & G's house. The kids will love it! It is the one game that Savannah can play on her own.