Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trooper Cake Pops

Since I don't really make anything fancy in terms of food, I have decided to channel that latent creative energy 3 times a year into the making of birthday cakepops. Really, they are the best treat to make for a classroom. We figured out the transport issue this time. But the teachers love them because the mess is very minimal. A few of R's classmates even demonstrated how they eat the cakepop in one bite. Nice, boys. Nice.

These particular cakepops were going to be death stars. Easy right? A ball with lines on it? I bought an edible marker for the task. I would have preferred grey candy melts but I couldn't find any so white seemed close enough. Except it wasn't. The marker didn't work. It doesn't play nice with candy melts.
And with icing the 'death star" attempts looked terrible. Yikes!Since we aldreay had a few dozen plain white cake pops awaiting decoration... we needed a plan B. What is white and roundish and relates to Star Wars? Storm Troopers. Ok, Clone Troopers if you are 7. My artistic Hubby took over for a bit...
Ok, the body kinda helps it look more like a storm trooper, sort of...A red Clone Trooper? Captain Rex (I think)? No it looks more like a bloody blob. Not the idea really... How about just plain black and white faces and cartoonish bodies? Much better! Yummy treats for the class, with left overs for the party and family party. And you can even tell what they are supposed to be! I hope.
The preferred method of transport is a board with holes drilled in it. Then spray painted black because I always have some spray paint lying around! Worked great and looked good too!

Another few lessons learned in our 3rd attempt at cakepops: make them small. Make sure they are really cold before dipping them. Thin the candy melts with shortening. Much less 'mistakes' this round. The kids were sad as they are the designated mistake eaters.

Cakepop info here. Thanks to Bakerella for the idea.

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