Monday, June 13, 2011

Star Wars Birthday!

For some reason my children consider birthday's akin to Halloween. "What am I going to dress up as for my birthday mom?" Hmm. Not sure how they got this idea, but the theme parties continue around here. This time my big R turned 7!
This was the invite backdrop.
The party details were written on top in a free star wars font.
We just printed the pictures from home!

The idea of a Star Wars party was decided on and the imaginative play and dressing up began almost immediately. Quite conveniently we did Star Wars for Halloween last year. This Vader costume was hanging around since then. He chose to be a Jedi for the actual party. Little princess Leia is in a pillowcase and my belt!
My friend also did Star Wars last Halloween and lent us a genuine Leia costume so my daughter didn't have to wear a pillowcase to the actual party! Blaster from the dollar store.

Birthday boy wanted to be Luke. I got him a blue pool noodle and made a costume from old drapes left over from our apartment when he was first born.
We invited all the boys from R's class and some from last years class. 12 including the birthday boy. Wow. 12 is a lot of boys!!!
After getting Jedi vests and decorating lightsabers we tried them out a bit in the back yard.
Gotta have a balloon popping game. They loved it. It took 2 hours to blow up the balloons and 2 minutes for these dudes to destroy them.
Then we had a scavenger hunt for Star Wars figurines attached to clues that Yoda left us...
And we did attack Vader. Let's just say the spoils of this particular battle were sweet.

Check back later for a post about the food and projects for this party:)

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