Thursday, June 16, 2011

Star Wars Birthday- the crafts and costumes

What is a party without costumes and crafts? To some people these are not essential party elements. To my kids they are a must.
I copied many online sources as well as some brilliantly creative real life friends and made light sabers from pool noodles. The real life friends suggested letting the kids embellish their own light saber. It was great and I never would have thought of it but that part was a huge hit!
cut noodle in 2
cover the bottom with duct tape
once around with the duct tape
then 2 more layers to make the base
then release the children to add buttons etc.
I had a drop cloth laying around so I cut it up to make easy no sew vests for the little jedi friends coming to the party. Here are some pictures in case you can't guess how they were made just by looking:
cut a rectangle
slit up the middle
small V at the neck
and one skinny piece for a belt

And since I was trapped at home with sick kids for the TWO WEEKS leading up to the party, I made a jedi pouch for each boy, while my sick kids were watching movies. Fabric scraps from dropcloth and old drapes. Twine from a coffee sack project I did a while ago.

Then I made a costume for the birthday boy and for me and Daddy from old drapes. I love that kind of sewing because you don't have to finish the seams. It is so much quicker that way!

Birthday boy as Luke
note the highly decorated lightsaber
Mommy Jedi
Daddy Jedi
More Jedi vests

Ok, I think that is every thing I can possibly say about the party!

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