Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Star Wars Birthday- the food

I am not really a food person. If you know me you know that. I eat the same breakfast every day. I eat the same 2 meals every night shift I work. I hate putting energy into something that just gets gobbled up and is gone. But I do like to eat. I do like cake:) Every year my sis and bro-in-law put tons of energy into making a beautiful theme appropriate cake for my kids' birthdays. This time- R2D2! Delicious!
For R's party we stole some ideas off the internet and blatantly copied other people's genius and devotion to cool food ideas. I bought plates and napkins at the party store.
Dominos made lunch for everyone- despite what the sign says. Two points if you know that movie reference. Maybe 2 point off, it's kind of a stupid movie. The kids were a bit too busy playing to eat much pizza or much cake. (We are having pizza for lunch all week now.) The sprite + lime sherbet was cool and went over well. Unfortunately, Superstore makes white lime sherbet so it wasn't as yoda-y as I had hoped.
Jedi juice was really apple. They liked it too. The pretzel sabers were yummy and easy to make. I melted candy melts in a mug in the microwave. Then I watched TV and individually dipped each one. Took a few shows but it was easy.
There you go. Snacks, drinks and cake. That's everything right? Oh no. There were cake pops too! I will write about those next time. There were a few epic failures before we came up with cake pops that looked like something (sort of). Stay tuned!

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