Friday, September 10, 2010

Long weekend fun Pt 2

After the picnic with Oma and Opa, we went to Grammie's for the afternoon then dinner, and stayed overnight. Sorry no pics! Then we went to an outdoor movie near her house and watched "How to Train Your Dragon". It was very fun.

The movie ended around 10:15 at night. Which was, coincidentally, about 20 minutes after Lainey lost her mind and started rolling around and laughing histerically. She was only calmed by fruit snack bribes and managed to survive 'til the credits. The boys did fine and really loved the whole experience.

We were pretty early so we passed the time with UNO among other things.
We watched them inflate the gigantic screen, a highlight for the kids too!
And here they are just as the movie started.
Aaron was on the left of Kobes, and I was in the space between Laine and Ry.
And of course we stayed like that for about 5 seconds and then proceeded to try 15 million other configurations as the show went on.

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