Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Catch up - the night before

'Twas the night before Christmas, as they say, and we were busy. First off to the Christmas Eve service. It was a candlelight service and R was with me and Grammie, Skipper and Auntie. He got to hold his own candle - a grown up boy. Nana and Grandad were in the nursery with the littler two. It's a general policy to keep Kobes and fire far from each other. If you read this regularly (or know him in person) you know what I mean. I heard K had an interesting conversation with my friend while he was there ;^)

This is the usual special occasion picture: all three kids at the bottom of the stairs. As usual I took 10 or so and someone has crazy eyes in about every one. I give up. I am going to start posting only the craziest pictures. At least I'll have a lot to choose from.
Then, after the service Daddy got off work and met us at home. We had a nice little dinner of appies for my sisters birthday. Relaxed and casual, it was a nice time together. The kids got to open one Christmas Eve present. The boys got Lego books with enough Lego in them to keep them occupied for a while. The little princess got a little princess book with figurines that also kept her very occupied. Then off to bed to wait for Christmas morning surpirses!

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