Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Catch up - the main event

Here we go, the real deal. Christmas morning!! Daddy had to go to work so we started a bit early and he got to see the kids open their stockings and first few gifts. But Grammie and Skipper then later Auntie Nic and Uncle G were there to join in the fun.


My favorite picture ever "SOCKS! Just what I always wanted!"
Crazy glasses, the mustache and eyebrows wiggle!
Beloved Puffles!
Monster-eating-your-head toque made by Auntie Nic
Baby buggy for all the new dolls
Various adorable dress up items
This one is less into posing than the others but here he is taking inventory of his dinosaur silly bands.
He also got lots of science type stuff (big hit) and an electric pencil sharpener (also a big hit).

Now you open your gifts!
I'll just watch you Uncle G
Here are some more sweet gifts:
K made a card and candle for us.
R made a decoration for his parents and bought perfect (and very well received) gifts
for his brother and sister at the school Christmas market.
Looking at these two pictures tells me where Ry gets his silly grin!
He made us the snowman ornament by his shoulder.
He actually used money he earned vacuuming and
cleaning mirrors and picked the presents himself. Glasses and a dolly!

We ended the day with dinner at Nana and Grandad's but I didn't take any pictures. Oops! It was fun too! All in all a great day.

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