Saturday, October 30, 2010

Working our way up to Halloween

A 2 part prequel to the actual Halloween photos coming next week.

Today was costume day at school and preschool. A little Halloween preview, a dress rehearsal for the big night. I found out that Darth Vader is prone to wedgies, and Belle's dress is a bit too long, and of course that cheap green face paint goes on like it's cheap. All good to know for this coming Sunday. Anyway, they loved dressing up for school, just take a look...
3 cute cousins at preschool. Not supposed to have masks, that's why Darth has face paint!
Leia and Darth Vader make peace.
My hair is a rolled up t shirt glue gunned to a hairband.
Totally cheesey but I think it's awesome!
Darth gets into the olympic spirit.

There's Yoda walking behind Mario.
Yoda up close.
Ears knit by Auntie N. Cloak sewed from a crop cloth.
Too cute RyGuy.

It is a bit tricky to do holidays with two shift working parents. The years I have been on Mat Leave it has been a bit simpler with only one random schedule to work around. Ok, his schedule isn't completely random, it does repeat every 12 weeks!

But this year we had to do a few of our traditions apart from each other, like getting the pumpkin at the "patch" near our old house. So we called Grandad and he joined in the little tradition as Daddy was at work all week. Mummy works this weekend so it looks like the carving will be all up to him! Here are the kiddies picking out "Orangey".

Aren't they the cutest pumpkins ever?

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