Friday, October 29, 2010

preschool at the pumpkin patch

This is another one of those posts where I want to share my pictures and stories but really I think you ought to go see Lindsay's blog and see how she saw it. It could be promo material for the pumpkin patch next year, really.

But I caught some funny things too so here you go. This is our annual, dry but not sunny trip to the Patch.

The girlies walked around hand in hand like little angels.
Seriously. What are you trying to do with your face?
Checking out the bumpy pumpkins.


  1. Such awesome shots. I like the one of Lu trying to get on the horsey!

    Also, I hope my taking photos doesn't make you feel like yours aren't good or something. Cuz these are all great. :)

    We were so lucky to have a nice day.

  2. No I know my shots are just photoalbum snapshots. But yours are so wonderful. It's like explaining something after a eloquent speaker just said the same thing (only prettier and clearer).