Saturday, July 10, 2010

More Random Cuties

Sorry I haven't posted this week. The weather has turned nice, finally, and we have been getting wet and hanging out outside and not taking a lot of pictures. I do have some new ones to get organized but in the mean time here are a few random cute pictures from June.

Also I decided to use the kids nicknames instead of initials as I am starting to get confused. I figure if it confuses me then it confuses you too. Also their names are not easily derived from their nicknames so it's not that big of a deal!

This is a performance Ry had near the end of the school year. They sang "Each of Us is a Flower" and he was the roots. Very cute and he was thrilled I was there.
Ry and Laine play very nice together. He is very patient with her (unless she is breaking his stuff) and she likes to be with him.
We had a lot of fun with the science kit Ry got from his birthday. Test tubes, pipettes, they loved mixing colours!
Lego continues to be a strong theme at this house. This is the Limited Edition fire truck we got from our US trip to the Lego store. Smiles from this one are very posed lately...
Here are the boys collaborating on Kobe's Star Wars Lego from the Lego store.
Ry decided that he should label all the different kinds of Lego we have. This is the new location of Lego City.
A puzzle Ry made for me. It was very tricky to put together so I taped it as I went. The strings are just to make it pretty and the two houses are to signify the corners.

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