Monday, July 26, 2010

Harrison - part two

We spent the rest of our time at Grammie's in, on and around the water.

There are two places to swim at the lake. A shallower lagoon that is warmer and has weeds, or the big lake which is cold but clear. The sand is great all around but my Mom highly recommends the cold lake over the lagoon. I have learned it is wise to listen to your Momma, so we swam in the lake. Well, I didn't. They did. My feet almost fell off just standing in it. Brrrr. But the kids don't care, and even Aaron jumped in for a dip.
sandcastle building with Skipper
making sand angles, then messing them up
We also got to take a ride on Skipper's boat across the lake and down the river a bit. What a great time. We went to go look at some petroglyphs (I guess technically they are pictographs- rock paintings) on the rock. They are red, can you see them?
The kids all loved the boat ride, and playing around in the boat. "It's like a motorhome on the water!" I found it very enjoyable and peaceful.

Ry with Gram
two little boys check out the view
she looks squished in this pic but she actually loved it

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