Saturday, June 26, 2010

More of Father's Day

Here is a bit of what we did on the actual day of Father's Day. * A by-product of shift work is that holidays/birthdays/weekends become arbitrary and are celebrated whenever they fit in the schedule. We have been known to celebrate Christmas morning on the 26th. So Father's Day for us was Saturday, a bit on Sunday, and a bit on Tuesday.*

This was a post-church visit to my Dad's.
It was nice and relaxing as the kiddies played in the big common room.
My Dad did notice little L once and smile and laugh at her little self. It was heart warming.
Grammie brought colouring and we found balloons to chase.
My only regret was not having a card for Skipper. What was I thinking? I will try to be more on the ball next year!

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