Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mario and Luigi and a 6 year old

I guess it is time for me to post R's 6th birthday pics, especially since Auntie posted her great pics the same day!

So R had requested a Super Mario Brothers/Mario Kart/Luigi birthday. It reminds me of when K asked for a James the tank engine party, definitely not Thomas. So it is with R, not a Mario birthday, but a Luigi party. Whatever boys.

It was a rare sunny day in this strange, cold, wet spring so we hung out outside a lot. The hallway decorations were inspired by a room I saw on OhDeeDoh that was made like a screen from Super Mario Bros. My sweet hubby adapted to fit the version we have on the Wii so it would be familiar to the kids.
The cool cake was of course courtesy of Auntie N and Unca G. It's Luigi's car from Mario Kart. The coolest ever, as usual.
It was mostly a family party as we had already had the trip to Great Wolf Lodge to avoid the school friend party. But we did invite our little friend A and his mom, and eventually his siblings came too. It was fun for R to have a buddy and all the kids had a blast. They could be brothers, no?
The other little people in attendance were cousin A, and K and L.

We played a few games (Mario themed balloon pop and treasure hunt for chocolate gold coins), we had burgers and hotdogs, ate the yummy cake, opened some gifts, enjoyed the day and that was about it.
And it ended with a Mario Kart tourni in the playroom won by our buddy J. Hey, he's a 13 year old boy. No one else had a chance.

All in all it was fun but low key, just the way I like a party to go.

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