Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Opening the tic tac toe set R made for him at school.

Here is a Happy Father's Day wish to my cute husband who is, as we speak, out working for our family, thanks hon.

We did celebrate his Dad and Grandpa yesterday, and will visit my Dad today but here is a little note about the Dad in the thick of it right now...

He fixes stuff around our house and readily includes helpers.
He takes the kids on fun little trips, like kayaking, hiking and camping.
Or even just trips to the store or the park.
He is great at reading stories and tucking in at night.
He also wrestles and tickles and throws the kids around, which they all love.
R doesn't get up at night, K occasionally does and I tend to him, but Dad always gets up with the little princess. I don't even hear her. That is a great sacrifice!

He is a great Dad and I think everyone in this house knows it!

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  1. Both he and his little brother have a knack for being truly great dads. I hope they know that we moms appreciate it!