Monday, March 15, 2010

The week in review

Ok, not of this week but of the week before that. Things have been kinda crazy around here. Do I start every blog post with those words? Anyway, here is a snapshot (or three) of our life.

Nana and Grandad prepared for a trek to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon so we had a little visit before they left to say goodbye.

Here they are reading with the kiddos.
They had a nice trip but the weather was cool. The kids were very glad to see them again this weekend.

The other big thing was a soccer tournament for R that officially ended soccer season. Saturday I was at work, Daddy took them all to the game and it was beautiful weather. Like t-shirt weather.
R with his coaches for Team Canada

Sunday Daddy was at work, I pawned off the little ones (Thanks Jo and Auntie Nic) and R and I went to 2 games in the pouring rain with a team lunch and trophy session in between. He said of his participation metal "Wow, I didn't think I was good enough to get gold! Maybe Bronze or something but not gold!" And his trophy is proudly displayed on the shelf in his room.

It was very soccer-y weather. Chilly, wet and muddy. Somebody likes the mud. I had to strip him down before we even got in the car.

And that's it for soccer 'til September.
When it will be dry and warm, right?

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