Sunday, March 21, 2010

big girl bed

L is away for the weekend. Daddy decided it was a good time to get rid of the crib for good. (Anyone need a well used Ikea crib and mattress?)

So here are the boys working on assembling the toddler bed.
I'll tell you what she thinks tomorrow. I hope she sleeps, I have visions of banging and trashing of the room. Too late, it's done now.
At least her quilt is finally out and in use. I might be enjoying this cute room all night tonight!


  1. Hope she does well! This is a common theme among my friends right far they are two for two and the boys have transferred great. Let me know...we are contemplating Rusty's transfer in the future!

  2. Did you make the quilt? It's gorgeous!!!

  3. No, I didn't make it, the boys got homemade quilts, hers in from homesense, poor neglected 3rd child! But it is totally cute! And she slept great last night and is napping right now, yeah for the big girl bed!

  4. Jayde had that same Ikea is a beautiful thing...