Monday, December 5, 2011

Trying for a nice picture...

In other words "Just stop it, be serious and smile for goodness sakes!" Or something like that. That's what I get for trying to take their picture after I just got off night shift. And when Dad is off mountain biking for, oh, three hours when I just got off night shift. But it was overcast and dry and Christmas is coming sooner rather than later, so out we went. They had their own ideas for poses so we tried one of their ideas then one of mine. Worked fairly well. I had the camera on a program setting. But I didn't realize it. Oops. Good thing the set program was a good choice as it turned out.

I had to delete quite a few pics from the end of the session because they were all blurry as I was laughing too hard. So it wasn't all bad. And the pictures are cute!! I saved the real winner for the Christmas cards, so hold on you will see that eventually. These here are the runners up.

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