Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Christmas Train

We don't have a ton of traditions. With 2 parents working shift work in this family we can't guarantee we'll be free a certain day or that we can always have Christmas dinner on the 25th. People are in the hospital over the holidays so people have to work at the hospital over the holidays. We fit everything in the best we can. But one thing we always do is the Christmas Train, aka Bright Nights in Stanley Park. We kind of went by accident the first year when R was a baby and I think we've been every year since. When cousin A was born we made it an event with hubby's side of the family.
This year there were 12 of us including some friends. The theme was the Polar Express- so appropriate since we watched it Christmas Eve and K asked for a sleigh bell from Santa.
It was wet but fun none the less. What a great tradition.

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