Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Fun

Let's face it, Halloween is a major thing for the little ones. They love the costumes, they love the candy, they love the excitement.
Sleeping Beauty on her way to school to see the boys

At their school there is a parade of costumes first thing after lunch. It's a fun little tradition where everyone in the school gets to see each other's costumes and show off a bit.
Indiana Jones
Green Lego brick

Soon A. had to head off to work and the grandparents all started showing up.
We lit the pumpkins and took the obligatory group costume pictures.
We were joined by our friend Luke Skywalker, I mean A. and his Mum.
And we made the rounds.
There were a few glitches. Indie's whip kept unraveling, the Lego block couldn't put candies in his own bag (his arms couldn't quite touch), and the princess had to hike up her dress to climb the steps. And man, was it cold!
The next morning we took inventory. What a great night.

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