Saturday, September 17, 2011

Random September Happenings

The first few weeks of September are always busy. Finishing up summer things, starting back to school things. Action, action, action.

R has the same teacher as last year (yay!) and has a smart board in his class. It is an interactive touch screen that is actually very cool.
Due to the shuffling back and forth and the multiple short days I decided not to work the entire first week of school. But every decision has consequences- I spent the last hot weekend working 3 nights in a row. So I slept in the basement, it was very cool and dark- it worked great!
We had a nice little visit with Papa on one of those days when school was done at 9:20 am. Then K went to Grammies for a few days as he had no school the Thursday/Friday of the first week back.
That's the update!

PS - the camera met an untimely end due to an incident with the tile floor. Don't worry the ugly tiles are fine and will surely be in this kitchen for another 30 years. A new camera might be making it's way here on September 25th if all goes well. Fingers crossed you won't have to look at silly iphone pictures forever.

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