Friday, September 16, 2011

First day of Preschool

Thankfully L's start to preschool has been easy peasy. She has been going in to drop off and pick up her brothers since she was born so the place is pretty familiar. Also K spent some time with her teaching her about preschool in the last week of August. He taught her that she should share and listen and sit criss cross applesauce.

The first orientation day she sat right down and told the teacher she could sit criss cross applesauce and sang the song. It was hilarious! Here she is confidently striding in to her first class! She picked her own clothes, shoes and even her hairstyle for the day. And of course she has her rolling princess backpack to hold her butterfly lunch kit!

The only issue is that she gets exhausted. Here is a post preschool nap on the cold kitchen floor!

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