Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break in Seattle- Star Wars

Luke's landspeeder

When we planned to go to Seattle, we also planned to go to the Science Center. The boys both proclaim they want to be Scientists, some of the time, so we thought it was a natural choice. After the plans were in place we realized the Star Wars exhibit was there at the same time. Too perfect, especially considering even my 2 yr old's vocabulary includes 'Millennium Falcon' and 'Qui-Gon Jinn'.
Ya. Perfect.
It was so fun. Glad we did it.

Yikes, the Vader costume seemed really tall.
Annakin seemed about the same size as R
Masters Yoda and Windu
Some Wookies. K's haircut has him blending right in.

Leia, R2 and C3PO

We also checked out other stuff besides the Star Wars exhibit. The kiddie section was a favorite. I didn't get any pictures of the music room because we were too busy having fun.

We also saw the butterflies. They were everywhere. Cool but kinda creepy too. With all the warnings not to let them land on you and the 'decontamination' procedures to leave, L was a bit freaked out by the end:)
Then, after we were done, a trip to the LEGO store was in order. What to buy you ask?
Of course. And then play with our Star Wars guys later in the week too. It NEVER gets old.

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