Sunday, March 13, 2011

Calling the tooth Fairy

Last week my big 6 and a half year old lost his first tooth. It seems like everyone he plays with has already lost a tooth or two so he was happy to join in the fun. All my kids (and me too) were late getting teeth. They say if you get your teeth late then they come out late. My mom tells me I didn't loose my first tooth until grade 2. So I completely missed the "First Tooth Club" and was devastated. I have no memory of the whole thing so apparently I got over it.
He wasn't ready to give up his tooth right away so I put it in a ziplock bag and he carried it around and showed everyone. One of my work friends mentioned on facebook that her kids asked the tooth fairy to leave their first tooth as a keepsake. I thought it was a great idea so he wrote the most adorable letter. In order to ensure the tooth fairy actually saw the note (I guess he wasn't expecting money to be left) he wrote a box and asked her to mark it if she saw the note. In the morning we found she did mark the note and she did leave the tooth and a dollar!
The tooth next to it is wiggly too so we might get another Tooth Fairy visit soon enough.

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  1. Welcome to the grown-up club! Congratulations on losing your first tooth! You're one step closer to being a big boy! Let's all hope that the new set of teeth that will be kicking in would be a strong and healthy one!