Friday, January 15, 2010

Playing catch up: November

November is a blur of Kindergarten, Preschool, soccer practice, and lots of work, work, work. Did I mention a little reno fun thrown in for good measure? I was also a time when L finally got enough hair for pigtails....

When R figured out how to sound out words (still working on that).

We went to A's fancy Christmas party. This was what I got when I tried to sit the kids down for a real picture before we left.
I re-did L's dress by ripping off the pink rosettes and replacing them with a satin ribbon sash and adding sparkly shoes from Superstore.
K brought lego storm troopers to show and tell when he was the Jellybean helper.
More fun with L's hair. One hairband that I made and with her first ever ponytail!

Phew, I think I am approaching the current month, just a December summary and we will be good. The type A in me is finally relaxing!

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  1. Love the updates. :-) Love following your family and staying in the loop.