Friday, January 22, 2010

Go Canucks Go

As a Christmas gift, Uncle D and Auntie M gave the boys tickets to go to the Canucks skills competition.
Now in this house we don't have cable. And A is... how shall I say this... not a big sports fan. When we lived in North Carolina A and I went to a few hockey games as it was cheap and easy to get tickets, even the day of the game. Anyway, I tell you this because I had to explain the game to him. I clearly remember telling him what icing was as if he had never heard of it before. He just doesn't get into that sort of thing. One of our American friends had box seats through work so we went to a game. This friend and my husband were munching on appies and discussing music while I sat by myself and cheered. I was thrilled to see an NHL game from box seats! I digress.Back to last week, Uncle D and Daddy took the boys to see the "hockey game" after they rode the skytrain down there and had lunch at D and M's house. They got all done up with tatoos and wore their jerseys and had their mini sticks (all gifts from D & M).
Now at first we were worried about this little monkey's ability to sit still, but 2 adults to 2 kids seemed like a good ratio. And of course the itouch always helps pass the time.
In the end the only problem was K's mistaking "We are going to watch hockey with your uncle" for "We are going to go play hockey with your uncle". He was pretty disappointed that they didn't get to go out on the ice themselves.
And their favorite part? Riding the skytrain of course.

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  1. Kev took my nephew to a Lions game this summer when he was visiting. He still talks about that game and HIS favorite part was ALSO riding the sky train!