Monday, June 22, 2009

The big 5

Somebody's 5! It's birthday season at our house. And the big R turned the big 5 with a Lego themed extravaganza. He has never had a friend party so this was our first chance to try that out. We invited a ton of kids and all but 2 of them came. Yikes. But it went smoothly. Friends 9 and 12 year old kids were helpers and lots of the mommas stayed. The weather was great and we played in the backyard for most of the time. That means the house stayed clean for the family party the next day! In the end we have a ton of Lego, and Ry had a great time.

Lego candy for party favors, you can actually build with it!
Lego shirts for all the kids, and Lego medals they got for completing the Lego building contest.
Lego cake by Auntie N and Uncle G. They made equally impressive cupcakes for the kid party.
Opening presents in the backyard.
New hockey pads from Uncle D and Auntie S.

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