Monday, May 10, 2010

Momma's Day Tea and Bingo

Our preschool has a Tea for Mother's Day every year. Just a simple little thing where the kids sing a bit and we socialize and eat cake and get the crafts they made for us. This year's craft was a flower shaped pin cushion. We played alphabet Bingo and sat at a table with friends and family. It was too cute for words. K is always glad to have me to himself and I felt it was a really special time.


  1. Cute Pics of Mother's Day! Looks like you had fun. I don't know if you're going into work this week, but a friend just had her baby transfered tonight from Surrey. The babies name is Tyler Both. He'll be in your unit. He looks cute from the pics we've seen. I told here that you work there, not sure if you'll be there when she is! Hope you have a good day tomorrow. Steph

  2. Thanks, I will lookout or them and introduce myself if they are still there when I go back this weekend.