Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I almost forgot...

Princess L turned 2 this weekend. It has been busy. She actually started acting like a two year old not that long ago, yikes. She chats up a storm ("Bye Mummy. Have fun!"), repeats everything she hears, and has developed a curious emotional streak (hormones already?). She is lovely and I plan to do a little Birthday post, but I haven't even downloaded those pictures. You can go to Auntie L's blog here to see her pictures of the day.

On to today's topic. Miss L has never had a haircut. She was pretty much bald for the first year so it just never came up. Then a few weeks before Easter we agreed it was finally time. So the boys went off to Nana and Grandad's and the 3 of us were off to the mall. The boys had their first haircuts at Sparky's Cuts for Kids. It is a bit too much for the boys bi-monthly haircuts but it is perfect for a first haircut treat.

She got to pick any seat she wanted and we ended up in... Lightning McQueen. Yep, she's got big brothers.
The whole process was short and sweet as a trim for a girl takes a lot less than a full haircut for a boy. She watched Diego on TV and sat perfectly without the tasty bribes required by the boys in order to stay still.
Here are those curly locks before the trim....
And after...

The side view before...

And after.

We can still make piggy tails, and it goes cute and curly after the bath with just a barrette in the bangs. What a big girl.


  1. She's just SO CUTE! Her hair is so straight, now she looks just like mom.

  2. Thanks! She's not quite a mini me but getting there. I wish her hair did that straight and curled under thing on it's own. Alas the hairdresser, round brush and blow drier are not in the plans on a regular morning so pig tails or messy half straight half curly is what she for everyday.